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Our Purpose at BethAnn's Boutique

I am so excited that I just hired a new beauty to join our team at BABs; I absolutely LOVE adding new people to our team.  Some stay for a while and some only for a short time stopping for a couple months on their way to chase their dreams. They are all so important to carrying forward the mission I started with BABs and always welcome to come back to BABs along their journeys. 

As I was getting together all the paperwork and training for our new beauty (you get to officially meet her on Tuesday on FB and IG), I thought that sharing the purpose statement in the letter I give to each new BABs beauty is important for you, too.  Here's an excerpt of my welcome letter: 

Welcome to the BethAnn’s Boutique team!
This is an amazing small business in a wonderful small town that I absolutely love and you joined the team at the perfect time to help us grow!! 
I want to share with you that I believe we all have a bigger purpose, including service to each other while on this planet, and so BethAnn’s Boutique (affectionately called BABs) is far more than a women’s and girls’ boutique.  We are on a mission to help women and girls remember that they are BE-YOU-TIFUL and by HIS gift of birth they have the potential to be glorious and amazing. Empowering women is a big part of what we do. Helping women and girls find and share confidence and joy in their pursuit of individual greatness makes our society stronger as a whole.  Sounds lofty, I know, but truly we can change someone’s life by sharing just the right clothing, handbag, or accessory when it is shared with a message that they remember every time they see, use, or give it. That feeling is contagious. I expect us to provide personalized customer service for each visitor to our store. Our goal isn’t merely to sell a customer something, it is to help them find just the right thing and give them permission to BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!! I select clothing, gifts, and accessories that are meant to help people on their journey of discovery and development.  What we wear and the accessories we choose say a lot about how we feel about ourselves. 

Please take time to find and define your purpose today and throughout life's journey!! Know that I am here to help, empower, and encourage you when our paths cross and I pray you do the same for others as we manuever this life together.  Thank you and I love you!


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