Empowered Women Empower Women
Empowered Women Empower Women
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We're in the Building Business

I am in the business of EMPOWERING WOMEN which in turn builds up other women and enables all of us to give ourselves and each other the power and permission to DREAM, STRIVE, LIVE, SUCCEED, FAIL, TRY AGAIN, HAVE GRACE, KNOW WE ARE SMART and BEAUTIFUL, and to be INDEPENDENT!!  The world is a stronger, more peaceful, and more functional place when strong women are strong friends, coworkers, leaders, managers, wives, and mothers. Strong women help raise strong children and build strong families. In doing that we then support each other which builds strong friendships, strong communities, strong businesses, strong governments, and strong nations!!  Bet you didn't realize you have the power to influence all that and it can all start at BethAnn's Boutique in Platte City, MO!  Confidence starts inside and is then projected on the outside by what we wear and how we wear it, that's where the BABs Beauties come into the equation. 

 We are here to help you champion that confidence and to build you up so you can then go on to build up the next woman and her the next - We are changing the world TOGETHER!

  • Ruth Thomas on

    Thank you for you inspiring words and example. I am very proud of who you are and amazed by your journey. Keep up the good work.

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